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Egyptian Mau Cat Club of Australasia.

The Specialist Club for Egyptian Mau Fanciers.




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Name of Egyptian Mau(s) (Pedigree name and breeder’s prefix) : ________________________________________________________________

Main area of interest: [ ] Pet [ ] Showing [ ] Breeding

Breeder’s prefix:________________________ Registering body:___________________

I/We hereby apply for membership of the Egyptian Mau Cat Club of Australasia (the Club) and have read and agree to comply with the Rules of the Club.

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signature of applicant/s date



Please complete both sides of this form and forward it to the Club Secretary.

Code of Ethics

In keeping with my commitment to the welfare of Egyptian Maus, I will abide by this Code of Ethics.

I will maintain the best possible standards of health and care for my cats. I will maintain only the number of cats which can properly be cared for and protected from illness and stress related problems.

I will keep myself aware of developments in the health and care of cats. An appropriate program of

immunization will be maintained for all my cats. I will ensure that my actions do not expose my or other

cats to the transmission of disease.

All my entire cats will be tested at appropriate intervals for diseases as recommended by my registering body. All my entire cats will be kept in a manner which will prevent unwanted litters and the spread of disease.

My breeding program will be for the benefit of Egyptian Mau cats.

I will only use, or sell, for breeding purposes the highest quality kittens or cats available to me which are of sound health and temperament. I will sell only as pets, any kittens or cats which have hereditary or show disqualifying faults, or known or suspected health problems. I will require a neuter/spay agreement for all kittens or cats sold as pets.

I will help a prospective owner who wishes to buy a show or breeding cat secure the best potential show or breeding kitten available.

I will only sell kittens or cats to buyers who I believe will keep and use them in accordance with the ideals set out in this Code of Ethics. I will refuse to sell to any buyer where I am not satisfied that the kitten or cat will be properly cared for.

I will reach a clear written or verbal understanding with clients and providers on the details of kitten or cat sales, stud or other services or arrangements.

I will not let kittens go to their owners unless they are at an age approved by my registering body and I am satisfied that the kitten is ready to go to its new home.

I will, where practicable, ensure that all kittens have had the vaccinations required by my governing body's show rules before going to their new home. I will provide the current vaccination certificate to the new owner.

I will provide the buyers of kittens with written advice on rearing, cleanliness, vaccinations and the kitten's current and future dietary requirements. I will, under certain circumstances, allow a buyer to return a kitten and will make those conditions known to the buyer at the time of sale.

I will make myself available to the novice breeder or owner for advice and guidance, especially those to whom I have sold a kitten for showing or breeding.





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Signature Date


Please Note

Once applications for membership are received by the Club they are approved by a majority vote.

Membership is renewable by the last day of December each year and a renewal form is sent to each member in advance of that date. The Club’s Code of Ethics (printed on this form) has been drawn up in an endeavor to protect our members and their Egyptian Maus.